Where does inspiration come from? For many years, Greece was my muse, the place where—happy or not (and I wasn’t always happy there)--I felt most alive, closest to God, most aware of a source of creative power within me. Recently, though not so dramatically, I catch something of that feeling in the Thousand Islands area, where I now make my home. Today I had the good fortune to spend a day on the water with friends Ted and Margaret. With capable Margaret at the wheel and my Janice by my side, we motored across Gananoque Lake, stopping at Blueberry Island, having a swim off the boat in the fresh clear water. We watched a family of loons diving, saw a turtle sitting on a rock, and caught a glimpse of some raccoons drinking at the water’s edge. Everything was dappled with mellow light. The beautiful setting and the company of good friends—Teddy and I played guitar and sang some silly songs, then we ate some cheese and sausage—was like a tonic. This water, these islands offset the dark moods that sometimes grip me. Such days allow me, as I like to joke, to ‘fight my wars in peace.’ 

David Solway and Janice Fiamengo

Blueberry Island, Gananoque



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