I enjoyed the film Mars Attacks!(1996) and consider it an apt metaphor for the situation of many western countries today. With the best of intentions, the good-hearted citizens in the film open their arms to an alien culture, who proceed to take advantage of their accommodating hosts. Too late, the hosts discover that the aliens are bent on conquest rather than friendship, and the result is bloodshed and impending takeover. 


Fortunately, the invaders are ultimately routed. But they are not killed with kindness. It takes a blast of good old traditional American country music, which the aliens are unable to absorb and which reduces them to quivering heaps of head-exploding gelatin.


We recall, too, that the major theorist of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sayyid Qutb, as he recounts in Milestones, couldn’t tolerate the innocent waltz music or cheerful jitterbugging at American church dances, which drove him mad.


The lesson the film teaches is obvious. It is not simply the heartland music as such that defeats the “aliens” but the attitudes, codes, mores, standards, originality and self-confidence that the music enshrines. It takes a belief in ourselves, our culture, and our history, and a commitment to celebrating who we are, to resist the sinister blandishments of the Martians among us.


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